CBD hemp oil

CannabiGold is a top quality, state of the art food supplement rich in phytocannabinoids naturally present in Hemp. Our golden oil contains guaranteed concentration of CBD, confirmed with multiple laboratory tests.
All CannabiGold CBD oils are produced with CO2 extraction in our own facility under close supervision of PhD scientists with multi-year experience in innovative extraction methods. Our production site is equipped in cutting-edge, custom-engineered machinery for Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) made specifically for producing Hemp extracts, thanks to which CannabiGold contains not only full spectrum of cannabinoids naturally present in Hemp, but also other natural substances (e.g., terpenes, flavonoids).



Approx. 600 ha of Hemp planned for 2017, carefully selected hemp strains and environmental friendly farming

CO2 extraction

One of the few laboratories in the world equipped with custom- engineered Supercritical Fluid Extraction device (CO2 extraction) fully dedicated to extraction from cannabis plant


Production daily supervised by PhD scientist and engineers with decades of experience in analytical chemistry and food and pharma industries

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